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Dental plans should be affordable. With a range of dental plans available to choose from, it’s easy to select a plan that suits your needs. Start saving on dental plans today.

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There are many benefits to signing up for a dental savings plan. With the payment of anannual fee, you can get access to numerous plans at low rates. Get a dental savings plan today without dealing with annual caps, limits or paperwork.

Compare Numerous Plans

With numerous plans available, you will be sure to find a plan that fits your needs. Speak to an agent today and find a plan at reduced rates.

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Comparing plans is not only easy, but it saves you time and money! When you join a plan, save money on dental procedures through various dentists across the country.

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Whether it be routine check ups with the hygienist or dental emergencies, you’ll be covered. Need to switch your plan? Switching your plan to suit your changing needs is easy.

Dental Saving Plans

Dental savings plans differ from dental insurance in that they are more affordable, and flexible. Those with a dental savings plan are exposed to exclusive member discounts with savings of up to 60% on dental care.

By joining a dental savings plan, members get access to discounted rates from dentists in the network.

Choosing a Dental Plan

Selecting a dental plan can be easy. Looking to get some dental work done? Search for plans by dentists, procedure or by savings. Get the dental care you need, at the price you deserve.

Dental Care Procedures

Preventive Care

Preventive care refers to treatments that are implemented to ensure your oral health is in check. When you visit the dentist, your appointment may consist of a regular checkup, cleaning and x-ray work.

Restorative Care

Restorative care refers to treatments that focus on issues such as gum disease, tooth decay and repairing teeth that are damaged or missing. When you visit the dentist, your appointment may consist of being treated for the following:

  • Fillings which are used to restore a damaged tooth that is decaying. Dentists may use gold, porcelain, composite resin or amalgam.
  • Crowns which are caps that are placed on top of a tooth to help restore the shape, size and aesthetics.
  • Bridges are used when a tooth is missing and a gap is visible. A bridge can be placed to help fill the space.
  • Implants which consist of an artificial root made of titanium metal can be placed into the jawbone. A replacement tooth is placed on top of the root.

Specialist Care

Specialists may include endodontists, orthodontists and prosthodontists and provide care in respective areas such as root canals, braces, dentures, bridges, dental implants and treating diseases.

Root Canals

Root canals are required when an individual has an infection within the tooth. Often, the inside of the tooth can become infected when a cavity is not treated or other various reasons. If a root canal is not implemented, the tooth may need to be removed. A dentist will first use anesthesia to numb the tooth before the surgery and will use small tools to create an opening in the tooth from the top to clear away the infection prior to filling it. After the procedure, another dentist visit is required to place a crown on the tooth.


Braces are an option for individuals with crooked teeth, an overbite, or an underbite. Getting a smile that is straight is possible with braces and retainers. Braces work by moving the teeth over time using pressure to have the bone change shape. The dentist first places brackets on each tooth which hold the wires. Prior to getting braces, individuals may need spacers to create space in the mouth to help move the teeth around. Depending on each individual case, the dentist may also use elastics, facebow headgear, springs and more.


Dentures are a removable piece used to replace teeth that are missing. Denturescan never replace real teeth but it is possible to get dentures that look natural and are comfortable. The dentist can make custom dentures using impressions of your mouth to determine if you need conventional dentures, immediate dentures or partial dentures. Conventional dentures are appropriate for those who have had all teeth removed and are willing to wait for the gums to heal for several months. Immediate dentures are placed in the mouth immediately but must be realigned often as the bones reshape while healing. Partial dentures attach to your natural teeth and are an alternative to bridges.

Cosmetic Care

Cosmetic treatments are those that help you take your smile to the next level with procedures such as teeth whitening and overlays.

Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurance differs from a dental savings plan in that it covers a portion of the fee. Generally, the savings differ based on the care that is required.

If you need preventive care, insurance plans will generally cover the entire amount of the checkup, x-rays and cleanings. For basic treatments like fillings, extractions, and intense cleaning, insurance plans may cover 80% of the cost. For major treatments like root canals, crowns, bridges, and dentures, insurance plans generally cover 50% of the cost.

Overview of Dental Insurance Plans

DHMO Insurance Plan (Dental Health Maintenance Organization)

Summary of DHMO plan

  • DHMO is one of the lowest cost plans
  • The dentist must be in the network
  • To see a specialist, you need a referral
  • There is no annual deductible (money paid out-of-pocket before coverage)
  • It is a plan with low copay (flat fee paid for dental services which is covered by insurance)
  • You do not have to wait 6-12 months before getting treatment, but there is a limit on how often you can visit the dentist

DPPO Insurance Plan (Dental Participating Provider Network)

Summary of DPPO plan

  • Generally accepted at majority of dental offices
  • You can visit dentists out of the network, but save money when you visit a dentistwithin the network
  • You do not need a referral to see a specialist
  • There is a deductible (money paid out-of-pocket before coverage)
  • Co-payments depend on the discounted fees of the dental care
  • There is generally a waiting period for basic and major care

Dental Indemnity Insurance Plan (Traditional Plan)

Summary of Traditional plan

  • Generally it is the most costly dental insurance
  • You can visit any dentist of your choice without a referral
  • There is a deductible of $50 to $100 with an annual maximum of $2500 or $3000 and up
  • Dentists must be fully paid by the client and are reimbursed at a later time
  • Coinsurance is dependant on the entire rate
  • There is generally a waiting period for basic and major care

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